ats Deserve the Fullest Life ~ Far beyond the basic essentials of food, water & shelter, their primal instincts also drive them to hunt, catch & kill. These primitive needs can be satisfied through play, and outdoor adventures.

Obesity is an increasing problem for an ever-growing number of humans. Many pets have succumb to the same diet related health issues. Understanding the caloric needs and quality of the food can make all the difference in reversing the risks. Physical activity is crucial for a well-balanced life. Cats can become easily bored and depressed. This is frequently mistaken as laziness. Cats are multi-dimensional, and not just for feeding, petting & picture taking.

The Feline Fit Club movement is in recognition of all our Cat’s needs. Stimulating your Cats prowess to reconnect with their wild ancestral necessities will be of great joy to them. More and more people across the globe are realizing and experiencing the rewards of truly connecting with their Cats through a multitude of activities together. Because dogs are more synonymous with having athletic relationships with their guardians, most conscientious Cat Fanciers are simply not aware of them.


utdoor adventures are part of the full life I want for my Cats; Rocky, Sam, Zoie, Monkey and Mars. I adopted the first two tabbies 7 years ago, and I could not imagine my life without them. Their continued happiness is my number one priority. At 6 months of age I began walking them. I soon found that collars and the small array of available harnesses were inadequate and dangerous, so my quest for a safe comfortable and easy to wear harness began. So, after numerous disappointing purchases, I began designing my own. Soon thereafter, I gifted several Cats in my neighborhood harnesses and the “FelineFitClub” was born. Every morning we all meet up at Catnip Corner. The cats are all friends and have an annual Christmas Party in my Catio.

My quest is for Cat Walking to become a mainstream recreational activity. Dog Parks are plentiful, so what about Purr Parks?