Building a Catio

Environmental Enrichment

WHY DO THIS? ~ Cats Need to Experience and Enjoy the Outdoors.

Dogs get to go for several walks a day. However, the Cat is confined all day to a window only to watch and wish. Safe Outdoor Enclosures help to Stimulate and Satisfy the Feline Senses. There are many ways to configure a Catio to adapt to your living environment.

Upon witnessing 4 kittens destined to live in a small wire cage together. I went home and drew the design for my first Catio.

I Love Building Catios for Cats! (and Habitats for other creatures)

  • PROTECT YOUR CAT ~ from Outdoor Hazards.
  • REDUCE “FREE ROAMING” ~ in Your Community.

  • PROTECT BIRDS AND WILDLIFE ~ from Premature Death.
  • BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR ~ We aren’t all Cat Lovers.
  • HEALTHY OUTDOOR LIFE ~ in a Safe Haven.
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Catios: Chic New Environmental Enrichment

The name may be new but a Catio (pronounced cat io), or outdoor cat enclosures have been around for some time and have become an extremely popular addition to a Cat Lover’s home decor. Most people have no idea what a Catio is or why they would want one. Catios or outdoor cat run keep our indoor kitties even happier and allowing them exposure to the outdoors without the safety concerns.

Why Catios are all the rage?

Does the idea of a spacious, airy, sunlit outdoor space, protected by sturdy netting or mesh, where your cat can lounge and play with the little bugs or critters that make going out side such an attraction.

Catio Designs Basics

They come in various sizes and shapes and can be made out of so many different types of materials that the only thing our Catio designs are limited by is our imagination and of course our pocketbook.

Have a look around and perhaps you will be inspired to purchase one or design and build your very own.