Furever Homing

A New Sanctuary Concept

ENRICHING YOUR LIFE ~ Give Your Cat it’s Fullest Life as you rest in peace knowing your Kitty will reside in a heavenly place with loving care in your absence.

The cornerstone of this vision is the permanent construction of a unique environment that embodies the connection between a Guardian, and their Feline Companion during their lives and here-after. Furever relieving the stress and potential burden placed on relatives for care-giving.

A Sanctuary to Connect with Cats ~ See the Magnificence in their Physical Abilities.

  • LEARN ~ What they like and dislike
  • PLAY ~ To Satisfy inherent Hunt, Catch, Kill anxiety
  • EXERCISE ~ For you both… Walk it off
  • CARE ~ When you can no longer because of Sickness or Death

Our Furever Heaven Sanctuary is a Great Choice. Resources at FureverHeaven.org provide guidance during the Pet Will or Trust preparation/wellfare budgeting process and companion care until they themselves pass on.

FUREVER HEAVEN FOUNDATION is currently awaiting determination of federal non-profit status as a PUBLIC CHARITY, organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. To provide immediate shelter and care, as a safe and nurturing foster home where these Cats can heal mentally and physically until permanent homes are found through our hybrid adoption acceleration and adoptor screening processes. To provide permanent sanctuary for after-life, pet will and trust commitments. To promote through education the importance of proper foster care, understanding, environmental enrichment and socialization of orphaned homeless feline while setting a higher standard for spay/neuter practices to prevent future illness and premature death.

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…Over two-thirds of pet owners treat their animals as members of their families. Twenty percent of Americans have even altered their romantic relationships over pet disputes. Pet owners are extremely devoted to their animal companions with 80% bragging about their pets to others, 79% allowing their pets to sleep in bed with them, 37% carrying pictures of their pets in their wallets, and 31% taking time off from work to be with their sick pets. According to one popular newspaper, during the December 2017 holiday season, the average pet owner spent $95 on gifts for their pets.

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U.S. Cat Households (2019)
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